We are a youth-led non-governmental, not-for-profit making local organization founded in August 2008 by a group of young like-minded social activists (disabled and non-disabled) with the aim of bringing new inclusive, innovative and sustainable approaches for the development of youth and their communities in Liberia. We are legally registered with the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and accredited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

YPPD Liberia is also working with partners and volunteers locally and internationally, we count with structures and majority of beneficiaries in rural areas across post-war Liberia.


A society where young Liberians (disabled and non-disabled), female and male with diverse skills are given access to equal opportunities as stakeholders in all sectors of mainstream development.


Building capacities and empowerment in overcoming exclusions and poverty for transformation and sustainable developments within rural communities of Liberia.


  1. To advocate via informing, inspiring and celebrating social change led by and for youth
  2. To make easy the resource capacity build-up of marginalized youth by building and enhancing their knowledge base and equipping them with the required livelihood skills.
  3. To connects with organizations and individuals who support young people and build alliance between youth groups, empower and develop the marginalized and vulnerable groups to become responsible future leaders by taking active part in decision making processes and developmental programs at all levels
  4. To establish platforms to uphold the practice of socio-economic, political and social justice, women and youth so as to bring about social harmony, solidarity and peace in the lives of young people and the communities in which they live.
  5. To promote the creation and strengthening of existing youth organizations/groups with the aim of improving their economic base, increasing their capacities and influence in decision-making and management at all levels.
  6. To reinforce and support youth and governance structures to enhance government’s accountability and transparency
  7. To ensure the existence of youth platforms for advocacy, promotion of awareness and response to public health.
  8. To promote the use of participatory tools in advocacy and democracy, community development and developing effective reporting and information dissemination mechanisms at community and national levels.
  9. To provide sustainable livelihood alternatives for at-risk women and youth by providing the requisite economic empowerment supports.
  10. To engender equity and social inclusion in our work by ensuring everyone is a stakeholder.


Our work is inspired by global principles and values including among others; youth development, achievement and championship, active participation, leadership, entrepreneurship, gender equality, social justice, sustainable livelihoods and respect for diversity and human rights and protection of our environments.

  1. Reverence for peoples’ initiatives and decisions irrespective of race, sex and class
  2. Effective participation and active involvement of young people in democratic processes.
  3. Transparency and accountability to all
  4. Protection and promotion of human rights as a foundation for human dignity
  5. Protection and promotion of knowledge about the environment
  6. Partnership and collaboration with initiatives and organizations working towards peace building and development.

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